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Real World Stuff: Early Days

Here are a few drawings and paintings that I rescued from my parents' house. I did them in the early/mid 80s, some were even school work (more to come when I find them).

Don't forget to click each picture for a bigger version, slideshow and description.

James Cagney. Pencil on paper when I was around 16 years old. My original pencil drawing of a cassette, another teenage daub. A 1982 doodle. A wacky acrylic painting from 1983. Watercolour or acrylic, can't quite remember. 1984. Pen and ink. Done at school when I was about 15. Acrylic. Another school masterpiece. My view of Southend High Street from Vic Circus.. What was I thinkng? Another wacky acrylic painting from 1983. This was meant to be amazing, but I never finished it. This is just abysmal. Still life from 1982.

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