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Welcome to my website, all home made by me. I started drawing as a child using traditional pencils and paint, then as I got older and computers took over, I moved on to digital illustration. I started making computer graphics in 2003 using a great, affordable program called Paint Shop Pro 7.

Nowadays I use almost exclusively Serif DrawPlus - a powerful vector drawing program that is intuative to use and gives the overpriced market leaders in this field some very stiff competition. When drawing with this program, I sometimes use a Wacom graphic tablet - the two combined make the creation process so quick and easy. I can't recommend these tools enough!

Within these pages you can see a few examples of my work. Please click the sections above and their drop-down menus to take a look around.

I overhauled the site in January 2016: I've increased the resolution of the photos and sorted out a few bugs with the galleries. The excellent VisualLightbox and VisualSlideshow programs have been used to produce the galleries and slideshows: some great transitional effects can be achieved without any need for Flash animation.

I would like to point you in the direction of my daughter's work - she has an amazing talent that left me standing long ago:

Updates: just added some very early paintings/drawings from the early/mid 80s. Some are quite good, some are quite awful: Early Stuff


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