Computer Stuff - I Can Icons

There's no point denying it, I love icons and bad ones annoy me. I have replaced my Windows Explorer and desktop icons with my own, all made with Affinity Designer. Some are based on the originals and others are my own doodling. All of the icon images below are .svg format (Scalable Vector Graphic), meaning they are vector, so if you zoom in (Ctrl + scroll wheel), you will see no pixelation. That's what I love about vectors!
Below are the icons in action, much nicer than a random mess.

Click the desktop image below to see a bigger version in a new tab. You will notice that I also do not have those annoying and pointless arrows that Microsoft adds to desktop icons to confirm that they are just shortcuts. To remove them involves a simple registry tweak that is explained (amongst other places) here.
Changing Windows File Explorer icons is also quite an easy registry tweak. One way can be found here. Don't they look nice :-)
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