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Real World Stuff: 1988 Berlin Tattoo

This was my first ever assignment in Berlin, the 1988 Berlin Tattoo. I landed the job through pure chance when the original artist (Ian Rowles) had to return to England. I was kind of thrown in at the deep end but learned a lot in my first few weeks. I was really just doing the finishing touches as most of the work had already been underway for many months. It was a great experience when I was just starting out in Berlin.

The Tattoo was a 9 day event with 2 shows daily.

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This was one of 55 different banners that had to be painted (on both sides!) One of my first attempts at painting letters, as you can probably tell by the fact that the top line isn't straight... These thistles (9 in all) formed an arch for the backdrop of the show. They were painted on canvas then cut out and stuck to the arch. One of 10 shields that were painted on both sides. The thistles are stuck to the arch, the background is painted to look like tartan. Everything is constructed in the Deutschlandhalle. This is the Finale. You can just make out the thistle arch at the back of the stage and the 55 banners being held aloft. Another shot of the Finale. As you've probably guessed by now, the theme of the show was 'Scotland'.

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